Model: EF102 -T Main Feature: 7鈥?colored LCD capacitive touch screen, which features in graphical operation interface, in-built clock, adjustable parameters settings and automatic storage. In-built color touch control screen can be used to set up or change parameters and printing contents, with English input methods or optional scanning gun. Two printing heads allows large-scale information to be printed into 2 lines at the same time. Technical Parameters 鈼?Sealing speed: 10卤0.5 m/min 鈼?Sealing margin: 0锝?5 mm (adjustable) 鈼?Sealing width: 12 mm 鈼?Working temperature: 60锝?20鈩?(adjustable) 鈼?Temperature control precision:卤1鈩?/p> 鈼?Print model: stylus printer 鈼?Ambient temperature:20-40鈩?/p> 鈼?Reel in mode: left side 鈼?AC power: 110V卤10% 60Hz 鈼?Power: 500W 鈼?Max current: 3.2AFuse: 5A脳2 鈼?Overall Dimensions: 660脳260脳220锛圠脳W脳H)mm 鈼?Weight: 20Kg Performance Specification With double printing heads equipped, the machine can set the printing issue and adjust printing content and realize double line print. Users can decide the place of printing; Can use wireless router to record sealing parameters, for 8 million times and store sealing and print information for 8million unites to facilitate back the query; Adjustable character font and style, easy to print more information on narrower bags.Medical Sealer distributor website: