120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED Product Description of 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED SMD LED normally view angle is 120 degree, except some led with lens, will be 30 degree or 40 degree or other. SMD lighting led have smd 2835 led, smd 3014 led, smd 3528 white, smd 3020 led, smd 5050 led and smd 5730 led. Typical application: reading lights, uplighters and downlighters, garden lighting, general lighting. The small size provides more possibilities for PCB design. We also can provide PCBA service for this led. Our factory has large capacity and guarantees high quality for this popular smd led. 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED Parameter: 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED Features: 1. Chip Material: InGaN 2. Lens Color: Water Clear 3. 5.7x3.0x0.9mm (5730) standard package 4. 3000pcs/reel 5. Suitable for all SMT assembly methods 6. Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow solder process 7. Compatible with automatic placement equipment Application for 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED Production for 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED using the most advanced full ASM solid crystal, wire automatic equipment, automatic sub-BIN taping machines and other fully automatic equipment; products in the design fully take into account the LED light, electricity, thermal characteristics, the use of imported low-light fade water package , The selection of raw materials used are verified by the reliability of the experiment, the product is more stable, high anti-ESD ability, low light decay, good consistency and so on. Packaging for 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED The package is 3000pcs per anti-static bag, 2 or 10 bags per small box, 4 boxes per carton. Shipping for 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED We can provide DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT Express service and so on. Please tell us which shipping method you are prefer for 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED. 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED Information and Production Line Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, designing and selling high quality LED lighting and LED related products. Zhaoqing Factory has more than 1000 employees, including more than 80 technicians focused on research and development. The factory has fully automatic production machines, the international general test equipments, and excellent equipment reliability experiment. From materials in storage, to process design, to product manufacture, each production process is in strict operation accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system. Besides our existing molded products, We also can provide customized products. We have customers all over the world. To provide quality and timely services and provide high quality products, so that we get the customer’s recognition and trust. More details about 120°Viewing Angle SMD white LED, please feel free to contact us!wholesale SMD Lighting LED website:http://www.allightled.com/smd-led/smd-lighting-led/