Product Application Factory price automatic 5 gallon barrel water filling machine Product Description 1) Capacity: 300 bottles per hour (18.9L bottle) 2) 5 gallons bottle washing, filling and capping machine controlled by PLC 3) Conveyor with motor, bottle loading and unloading system 4) Two lines, 6 washing steps with hot detergent, hot water, and pure water 5) Washing bottle inside and outside 6) Adapted to PC & PETbottles 7) Imported electrical parts and cylinders 8) The luxury type: with inner and outer bottle washing together, with curtains to avoid pollution during different washing process; with temperature controller to control the temperature of washing water and with output counter to tell the daily & annual capacity 9) Stainless steel 304, imported famous electrical appliances. Who are we? What we do? Why trust us? Before Sales 1. Answer your any question on us with in 24 hours. 2. Supply all information you required. 3. Machines video for reference. 4. Welcome to visit factory. After Sales 1. Update production progress each week. 2. Sending machines pictures on production. 3. Machines testing running over 8 hours, and sending testing videos. 4. Engineer arranged to install machines. 5. Spare Parts provided.Mineral Water Filling Machine China website: