Commercial Refrigerator freezer Commercial Refrigerator Product Name: order dishes refrigerated display case Model No: HY-1200 Applicable place: supermarket, commercial center, restaurant, bar, café bar, convenience store. Original Place: Quzhou city Zhejiang Province, China Brand Name: Snow Village Style: Dual temperature Certification: 3C, CE Standard Features: 1.Streamlined design, luxurious appearance. 2.Dual refrigeration and two separate storage room can keep different dishes fresh longer . 3.Temperature inside is stable and accurate with microcomputer thermostat. 4.Front sliding glass door is convenient for customers to choose the dishes and goods. 5.Exceptional 24/7 maintenance & installation instructions support and operation training by after-sales service team 6.Effective isolation between food and the external environment 7.Effectively extend the preservation time. 8.Mounted famous brand compressor, Low noise, low energy saving, 9.CFC free, Environment friendly 10.Advanced compressor freezing 11.Strong versatile wheel for easy movement 12.Draining design easy to clean Specification: Product NameModel NoVolume (L)Power Supply (W)Temperature Range ℃Dimension (LxWxH) mmRefrigerant RefrigeratedFrozen Order dishes refrigerated display caseHY-12005803100~10℃≤-8℃1200*800*1950R-134a Package and Delivery Details: Packaging Details: suitable for sea freight strong wooden case Delivery Time: 14-21 days Company Organization Chart Management System: ERP, 6S and JIT Company overview Workshop Overview Production Flow Chart Layout of Commercial Refrigerator Product advantages High efficiency compressors and improved coil design Electronic commutated motors Variable speed fan Improved fan blade design Anti sweat heaters Improved insulation and gasket Uniform cabinet temperatures Reduced heat output from more efficient compressor system and fan motors Extend product lifetime. Product Photo Product Details Photo: Warranty Warranty Policy Our warranty policy is designed to protect our customers against any manufacturing defects in components and issues that result from the manufacturing process. Our warranty includes parts, standard ground freight and labor performed at time of service. It also includes supplemental materials such as refrigerant gas, filter drier, welding, etc. ● Whole Cooler: 2 year warranty ● Compressor: 3 year warranty, First 2 years – labor & parts. Additional 1 years –compressor parts only. Cooperative customers FAQ ● Clean your fridge out approximately once every month. ● Organize to make things easier to find. Put milk, juices, and other drinks on one shelf, and your dressings, sauces, and similar items in another place. ● Keep a small jar (with the lid off) of baking soda in the fridge to absorb excess moisture. Please note that it has to be a jar and not a box. ● Check weekly for bad products to help keep out odors. ● Once your fridge is clean, one easy way to keep it clean is to empty and clean just one or two shelves or drawers at a time. The entire fridge is never spotless all at once, but it can stay reasonably clean without being an all-day project. Just make sure to cycle through all the shelves. ● Make sure that no parts will fall so it won't crash and break. ● Put shelf paper on the shelves in the fridge. It keeps the shelves from getting soiled. Once they get dirty just pull up, toss, and reapply a new design or texture! ● Keep sauces/marinades in a plastic basket. Easy to take out in one go (e.g. for bbqs) and if they do spill or break, you can just wash the basket and not the whole fridge. Warnings ● Don't let water or cleaning solution fall into any of the inside vents. ● Old food should be bagged securely and separately before placing inside your regular kitchen trash bag to avoid attracting animals/rodents if the garbage bag is not sealed securely or acquires a rip or tear while outdoors.Order Dishes Refrigerated Display Case company website: