Function: Ultra-thin earplugs, which can fit into the charging case, enough to allow your Airpods to pierce your ears steadily under. Compatible: fully compatible with AirPod 1, Airpod 2, and also compatible with EarPods Good quality: made of soft high-quality silicone, ultra-thin, light, soft, comfortable, no topix Protection: prevent scratches or falling airpods, sound isolation. Easy to install: When installing for the first time, please immerse it in hot water (~ 80 鈩? within a few minutes to make it softer and easier to get stuck in the gas nozzle. Before putting on the headphones, make sure there is no grease on the headphones. If your ears are greasy, it is recommended that you clean them once a week. Suitable for AirPods 1 and AirPods 2, also compatible with EarPods Made of soft, high-quality silicone, non-slip, lightweight, flexible, comfortable, reduces ambient noise and provides a better sound listening experience Installation: 1) Clean the AirPods and make sure there is no grease on the headphones, 2) Turn the earbuds inward, 3) Align the cutout with the AirPods, 4) Flip the earbuds back to the correct side. (Hint: These earplugs are very thin, please keep them soft during installation.)China Airpods Accessories manufacturers website: