Machine For Making Spaghetti Feature Automatic drying line the product into the pre-dryer, the product in the case of water containing non-stick, the hot-blast temperature to 87~100℃ in pre-dryer, the humidity keep 98-85RH. When come out pre-dryer, products through the hoister into the drying line. The line is continuous conveying, cycle of wind and temperature change, the temperature gradually dropped from 75℃ to 45 ℃. After 8-12hours drying (drying time is different according to the different size and specification). The water content of final product is 10.5%~12% after be cooling. The storage product may packaging in the next shift. Electric controlling system of Machine For Making Spaghetti 1Motors, decelerators and most spare parts are adopted the national well-known qualified products; 2 The most critical bearings, cylinders are adopted Japanese well-known products; 3 Frequency convert using Delta products; 4Most IDEC,MON qualified electrical components are used and less national qualified products adopted; Our company has already exported countries Asia { Thailand, Indonesia, East Timor, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Saudi Arabic, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan } Africa { Nigeria, Benin, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe} Europe { Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine } North America { Canada } South America { Brazil, Bolivia } Oceania { New Zealand } Packing: Outer Packing---Wooden case Inner Packing----Wrapped with plastic film. Product show Product pictures of Machine For Making Spaghetti For More Details , Please Contact Us In The Below or On The Right → → → → Email Customer visitSpaghetti Making Machine manufacturers website: