The company's products and the overall solution is mainly used in water, electricity, gas utilities and energy measurement field, aimed at boosting the public sector information, intelligent construction, to provide scientific decision-making. The company's independent research and development of intelligent water data platform realized the business charge system, GIS pipe network system, SCADA data acquisition and detection system, DMA independent partition metering system and other business systems data integration, filtering, extraction and analysis, to achieve the data of the interconnection, open up the "information island", and many domestic prefecture-level city water company signed the wisdom of water large data platform project R & D agreement, become the first wisdom of water large data platform real landing business. Relying on the company's technology research and development strength, combined with industry applications and development trends, the product and the overall solution extended to energy monitoring and management, intelligent street lighting control, fire safety, intelligent logistics warehousing, smart home, banking intelligent management equipment, media intelligent interactive devices, Vehicle maintenance equipment, hospital intelligent management and intelligent transportation and other industries, and successfully overcome a number of industry application problems.NB-IOT Based Smart Water Meter suppliers website: