stainless steel band ring Material Stainless steel 201,304,316 Application areas: With same width stainless steel strap used together,Petroleum chemical,Pipe insulation,Bridge, Pipelines,Cables,Traffic signs,Billboards,Electric signs,Cable trays and other bundled fixed. Advantage: 1,The teeth stainless steel buckle more suited to use in petroleum pipe,bridge etc. 2,Easy application, the screw stainless steel buckle using Hexagon Socket design,suited to electric tools. 3,L stainless steel packaging deduction is unique buckle design for quick,easy application and releasable-use Matching accessories Stainless Steel Strap: Width:under 20MM Thickness :blow 1MM TOOL: Suit with JH-1908 STAINLESS STEEL CABLE TIE TOOL,LQA STAINLESS STEEL CABLE TIE TOOL to use. Product Parameters Teeth Stainless Steel Buckle Part NumberWidth mmThickness (mm)Package PCS/Box BK6.46.40.5100 BK109.50.5/1100 BK12.712.71.2100 BK16161.2100 BK19191.5100 BK25251.8100 Screw Stainless Steel Buckle Part NumberWidth inchesWidth mmThickness (mm)Package PCS/Box S6.41/46.41.3100 S103/89.51.6100 S12.71/212.71.8100 S165/8162.2100 S193/4192.2100 L Stainless Steel Packaging Deduction Part NumberWidth inchesWidth mmThickness (mm)Package PCS/Box L6.41/480.7100 L103/89.50.7100 L12.71/212.70.7100 L165/8160.7100 L193/4190.8/1100Cable Ties in stock website: