Product Parameter MODELE5 Length X Width X Height3430*1230*1750mm Length X Width X Height (Van)1800*1200*1200 (2.59m鲁) mm Ground Clearance270 mm Total Weight470kg Rated Load300 kg Max.Speed鈮?0 km/h Electricity comsumption 100km, full load8KWH Tyre (Front/Rear)4.0-12 /4.0-12 Tyre pressure (Front/Rear)2.5kpa Motor Model1000W Battery Typelead-acid battery Battery Capacity45/80Ah Charging time8/12h Battery Weight130kg Braking typeFront drum/back drum (front disc/back drum) Front suspensionleaf spring Drive TypeRear-engine Rear-drive 40'HC (package quantity)3 Product Description The refrigerator can be equipped with a large load capacity, which can meet various needs of customers. The box-type energy-saving electric tricycle can be equipped with cold chain transportation, with suitable space, convenient transportation, and accessible everywhere. Product Considerations 1: Read the operation manual before use and strictly abide by the regulations. 2: Before installing the battery, check whether there are hard objects in the battery box or whether the battery box is flat. Product Application Scenarios Can be equipped with cold chain transportation Can be used for shopping Can be used for grocery shopping Product Production Process Assembly procedure parts assemblytire assembly Balance and driving partsLeft and right beam, rear wheel, differential mechanism, motor installation. Steering and support frame assemblyFront steering bridge, leaf spring, flexible connecting plate, Leaf spring rubber sleeve, installation of steering gear, fixing, steering angle adjustment. Accessories, and display combinationsappearance accessories and lighting apparatus display panel, switch. Structure frame assemblycar frame, nameplate, GPS installation, flow chart. installation of steering gear and car frame brake system (brake panel, hydraulic pump, Tee and tubing) steering front axle, rear wheel Electrical and auxiliary partscontroller, transformer, charger, reverse speaker, headlight, speaker, oil container, flexible pipe. transported to assembly line fill in the brake oil electric wire fixing, electrical parts plug connecting Dashboard (display panel) battery installation and wiring Front left and right fender, front housing installation, lights combination wiring and check front left and right housing, base plate, and other shells installation. steering gear installation, leave the assembly line testtest packaging & shippingshippment Patent CertificateChina Three Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter manufacturers website: