Part One Guangdong VRway technology Co.,Ltd. is a well-known leading enterprise in R&D and application of VR technology in China. Our company was established on June 1, 2016 and is located in Guangzhou Panyu Animation Industry Base. Since the establishment of the company, it has rapidly risen in the field of R&D of VR technology through continuous technological advancement and model innovation. It has also made achievements in dynamic special effects theaters, theme park electronic amusement equipment, interactive multimedia and so on. Our company has an excellent talent team, equipped with a large factory of 3000 銕? powerful technology and high-quality production. Our company focuses on technology development and solution offering for large-scale VR projects. It provides one-stop services such as project planning, project construction, equipment installation and debugging or shakedown test, as well as after-sales service. It focuses on building VR cultural travel town, VR science and technology museum, VR exhibition hall, VR museum, large VR playground and other projects. Committed to providing a variety of customized services, We Can provide a variety of VR equipment and VR content customization of all kinds of industries, which includes technology education, fire safety, medical, real estate, tourism attractions, power environmental protection, games and entertainment, etc., we are also able to provide game development and planning, 3D modeling, unity, special effects, etc. We successfully Create various forms of dynamic theaters, including ball screen , ring screen, veil screen theaters with high definition stereoscopic projection technology, holographic projection, interactive projection, 4D motion cinema, 5D/7D interactive cinema. What鈥檚 more, we have self-developed dynamic immersive technology, software and hardware. As the forerunner in China to apply virtual technology, simulation technology and 3D technology to develop and produce popular science entertainment products, VRway is the first to introduce a full range of VR offline products and motion theaters, especially for three-degree-of-freedom, 4D dynamic seats and The dynamic control and algorithm of the six-degree-of-freedom motion platform are in the leading position in the industry. Part Two Guangdong VRway technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Yue Gang Ao Dawan District of Guangdong,. It is an excellent regional brand enterprise in the South China VR industry chain. Our company's R&D headquarters is located at C7, Sanshan Science and Technology Center, Foshan Nanhai, a high-tech enterprise gathering place in Guangzhou South Railway Station. It has a unique geographical advantage and a mature traffic network. The manufacturing center is located in Panyu, Guangzhou, with a standardized workshop of 3,000 square meters. Part Three VRway is a leading global provider of VR business solution including VR arcade room, virtual reality house, 5D/7D/9D cinema, VR content customization. Part Four Suggested Business Location: Mall, Cinema, Little Store, by the Street, Scenic Spot, Experience Center, Commercial Complex, theme park etc. Part Five Our company has won nearly 100 national professional patent certificates, including 27 appearance patents, 35 utility model patents, 23 software copyright patents, 7 invention patents, and 8 works registration certificate patents. Part Seven Our products have been sold all over the world: including but not only in the following regions, Hong Kong, Germany, South Korea, the United States, Bangladesh, Belgium, Japan, India, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Australia, etc. Part Eight VRway is committed itself to providing customized and comprehensive solutions, with a complete set of process systems including requirements analysis, project planning, system customization, equipment selection, on-site construction, installation and debugging, staff training, after-sales service, management operations, etc. The presentation forms cover mainstream technologies such as 2D graphic design, 3D animation production, panoramic video shooting, content development, and special effects simulation.China VR Horse Racing Simulator factory website: