Product name: wood pellet mill plant/biomass pellet making line Raw material: all kinds of agri & forest waste Final product: pellet, diameter range 6-10mm Capacity: per customer鈥檚 requirement Packing: automatic or semi automatic Description The product also called wood pellet production line, is a complete project which aims to manufacture biomass pellets from farm and forest waste with capacity from 1tph to 10tph. Normally, the whole line capacity and final wood pellets fuel value depends on the raw material characteristics. With the strengthening of people鈥檚 environmental awareness and the encouragement of government policies in various countries, more and more people are paying attention to how to enter this industry and build a product Introduction of processing Flow chart A whole product for the biomass pellet making usually includes several systems: raw material preparation, chipping or crushing system (if the raw material size is more than 5mm in diameter), drying system (if the raw material moisture is higher than 16-18%), pelletizing& cooling system, wood pellets packing system. Raw material preparation Including types of raw materials, supply channels, uniformity of moisture content, raw material yard, and the design of raw material storage yard volume must combine the characteristics of the raw materials and the capacity of the production line, also considering the seasonality of the raw material supply. Logs chipping and crushing section Drum chipper machine is mainly deal with those logs more than 200mm into smaller size, and then conveys to the next ideal equipment hammer mill for crushing, it can reduce the particle size into 5mm, which is convenient to dry or press into pellets directly. Sometimes it maybe needs two crushers within the crushing section, one for coarse crushing and another for fine crushing. Raw material drying process Generally, the raw material moisture content range is about 11-17%. It shall be a range not an exactly data means that it also closely connected with raw material characteristics. So drying process is necessary to reduce the moisture content if your material moisture is higher than 17% before pelletizing. Wood pellet pressing system Pellet mill is the key machine of the complete wood pellet processing line, there are two types of the pellet mill, flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. People choosing the pellet mill mainly depends on their capacity requirements, flat die pellet mill output is small and the ring die pellet mill with large capacity. Raw material characteristics, final pellet diameter, ring die compression ratio may influence the pellet mill output. Generally, professional wood pellet machinery manufacturer has rich experience and data for your reference per customer鈥檚 special situations. Wood pellet cooling process After pelletizing process, the wood pellet temperature can be up to 80-90掳C and moisture content is around 15%, wood pellet cooler can help reduce the moisture and the temperature till to 30掳C for package into bags and storage. Meanwhile, there is one vibrating screen equipped with cooler machine to sifting the biomass pellets, qualified pellets will convey to next process for packing and unqualified pellets will back to the pellet mill for re-pelletizing. Wood pellet packing section Packaging specifications depend on the end use of the wood pellets, and the automation degree of the packing machine can be designed as full automatic and semi-automatic according to customer鈥檚 requirements. Who we are and what we can provide to you for the wood pellet mill As a feed machinery and biomass pellet machinery manufacturer, we have advanced manufacturing machinery and strict QC system. We can provide not only equipments but also providing customized solutions per your requirements. Please contact us if you are distressed about how to choose wood pellet machinery, our sales manager and engineers will be here with you at any time.Wood Pellet Line price website: