Our History Our Factory Suzhou Anshijia Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in May 2015. The factory address is located in Kunshan City, Suzhou, China's top 100 counties. Our company specializes in the temperature of industrial refrigeration equipment. More than 20 years of experience in degree control technology. Intimate service team, modernization and integrated quality management system strictly enforce GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 and CE EU management system standards ensure that the enterprise team continues to innovate in the technical field, guarantee quality, pay attention to customer use and satisfaction, and be recognized by the industry and customers! In order to ensure the production process, we have customized a special three-dimensional pipe bending machine. In order to ensure the quality of the main parts, we use imported brand materials such as Europe, America and Japan (compressors: American Copeland, Japan Matsushita, Danfoss Denmark, Germany Bitzer, etc. ), to provide customers with safer, more precise, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, reasonably priced products and intimate pre-sales and after-sales service, resulting in the production of products sold throughout the country and exported to Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Jordan, Russia And all over Europe and America. With the rapid development of the Internet, Zhilian Control guarantees the efficient and normal operation of each device and real-time monitoring. The industries used in chillers are: plastic injection molding, carbon fiber molding cold forming, chemical reactor, and throwing.Laboratory Air Cooled Chiller price website:http://www.asj-aircooler.com/