Product Specification Sintering is heating multiple component or powder metal to form a single mass from without melting the sample materials, while vacuum is an ideal atmosphere condition to prevent sample material from oxidation when sintering. Vacuum furnace LHT6016 has a robust construction and offers rapid and highly consistent heating process in controlled atmosphere, while is capable of fast vacuum pumping and can reach high vacuum degree of 10-3Pa. Product Properties Upon request, LHT6016 can work continuously under 1550掳C in atmosphere and 1450掳C in vacuum. LHT6016 has 2 circuits to control in and out of the protective gas. LHT6016 uses magnetic fluid of 4~6rmp for rotary sealing. LHT6016 is equipped with microwave leakage detecting device LHT6016 features furnace door shut down sensor to prevent mis operation of users. ParametersLHT6016 powerinput voltage380卤10V, 50Hz rated power15kW microwave systemmicrowave output power0.10 to 5.60kW, continuously adjustable microwave frequency2.45GHz microwave leakage preventionmicrowave leakage intensity < 2mW/ cm2 temperature control systemmax. temp.1600掳C in atmosphere, 1500掳C in vacuum heating space / diameter 脳 height桅180 脳 150mm temperature measurement methodinfrared thermometer temperature measurement range300 to 1800掳C temperature control precisionreadout 卤0.1% control systemPLC / touch screen40 segments of programmable technical parameters, data storage and export, Safety Systemmagnetron over temperature alarm, cooling water overflow alarm cooling systemhigh precision cooling water machineflow rate of 2m3/h, rated cooling capacity of 5.2kW dimensionfurnace body (L脳W脳H)ca. 2100 脳 2200 脳 2000mm Applications Microwave vacuum furnace LHT6016 is capable of continuously maintaining high vacuum degree, thus is especially suitable for synthesis or sintering process requiring for high vacuum environment. LHT6016 is also suitable for metal powder sintering, pre thermal treatment of metal materials required for high vacuum and protective atmosphere.Vacuum Furnace factory website: