B93 Convenience store shelves' frame body lighter, novel appearance, layer board with integral type, light type, wooden floor board, and other configuration B93 Supermarket Gondola Specification & Technique Parameter ItemLWHThickness of different component meterial Surface process B93-Wall Gondola900 1190350 400 4501200 1.8mmEpoxy resin static electricity process thickness:60-80um.Adhesive force:GB2865-88 standarb clsaa 0.Hardness(mask durability):corrosivehess durability(hydrochloric acid fog)over 100 times than normal nitric paint,reach GB6739-86 2H standard > 500 hours in GB1771-91 standard. 1500upright: 1600 1.8mm B93-Island Gondola350 400 4501800base: 2000 銆€ 2200bracket: Material锛欳RSkick panle: Shelf loading capacity:40kg/middle shelf銆?20kg/bottem shelfshelf: Total loading capacity:350kg/single side銆?00kg/double sideplastic panel or back nettingMetal Shelving website:http://www.xingda-shelves.com/shelf/metal-shelving/