Geological exploration drill Geological exploration drill pipe is used in coal mine ground water, gas and geological exploration drilling construction tools. Geological exploration drill pipe made in our company, also called imitation of hen drill pipe outside flat, round drill pipe, drill pipe, geological alloy pipe and coal tunnel conventional drillpipe, contains oil drilling drill pipe with a diameter of 89 mm below the exploration and mining drilling with DIH dril pipe. Special geological drill rod body selection of quality alloy steel, alloy structural steel tool joint selection of quality by true air conditioning process, greatly improving the fatigue strength and the shear strength. Advanced friction welding welding technology production and processing, drill pipe hashigh bending strength, welding firm, etc. Production equipment complete advanced CNC processing equipment, has the characteristics of high efficiency stable quality. To meet the requirements of deep hole drilling on straightness, the product has high fatigue strength and longer service life. NO.DiameterThicknessSteelproductsTorqueDepthTaper ratioPitchJointhardnessCollcationdrill 1 桅33.55DZ50200n/m100m1:54.233HRC28-3255 2桅426.2DZ503000n/m100m1:85.08HRC28-3265銆?5 3桅506.5DZ505000n/m100m1:85.08HRC28-3275 4桅63.57.1R7808000n/m200m1:65HRC28-3294 5桅737.8R78010000n/m200m1:45.08HRC28-3294 6桅899.38R78012000n/m300m1:66.35HRC28-32108銆?33 China Mining Coal Drill Pipe manufacturers website: