Rokkamatsu pottery锛?1*39cm Packing锛歅lastic bag + elevator Package dimensions锛?00*43*18cm锛?pcs/ctn The color, style and size can be customized, the surface treatment method is spray plastic, and the handle material is PP With a sub-soil ripper, any weed in your garden that is in the vegetative stage is effectively killed. But there are also other benefits to this type of device. It will work as a home security device and you will never have to worry about weeds. You may have an over abundance of weeds in your yard but with this gadget, you can weed your garden without worrying about where they are going to grow. You can set it and forget it! This means you can use this device during all times of the year and not worry about weeds in your garden again. Another great thing about this device is that it has a built in sensor. It will trigger a signal and the device will send an alert to you when it senses weed growth in your yard. Since the button is incorporated into the sensor, you do not have to touch the weeds when you are on the go or during the night. The sensor will catch your motion and tell you immediately. It will also not detect every weed growth. With this technology, you will never have to touch anything. And if you want to remove any weeds without disturbing the growth of other plants, you will be able to accomplish this with this device. It is important that you get rid of unwanted plants that are causing you a lot of problems such as mowing, removing the roots of your lawn and planting the ground soil. With this device, you will be able to easily weed your garden without touching the roots. No longer will you have to spend time removing weeds. Get rid of unwanted plants, keep weeds from spreading and enjoy the cleanliness of your yard.Wholesale Soil Ripper website: