Enter the imagination of our reluctant, but lovable protagonist. His name is Blake and you never know which persona you're going to get. Every person imagines themselves with different personas, Battle Blakes allows you to take on one of Blake's. Battle Blakes: First Bash is an exciting take-that conflict card game. Each player has one of Blake's many personas selected for them and then the fun begins. Battle Blakes is a fun lighthearted game where your goal as a player is to destroy the other players' Self-Esteem (health) becoming the one true Blake. There are many ways to knock Self-Esteem down; Verbal Assaults, Battles of Wits, or even cards that can directly target a player's Self-Esteem. Board Game Geek | Publishers Website | Kickstarter Page CARD GAME website:http://www.bangweegm.com/card-game/