1. It is especially suitable for hoisting circular objects. 2. The outer surface of the lifting belt is fine and will not cause damage to vulnerable objects. 3. There are many hoisting methods, and it can also be used to drag the hoisted objects. 4. The lifting belt is evenly stressed, so that the working life of the lifting belt is prolonged. 5. High strength-to-weight ratio. 6. An anti-wear and anti-cut protective cover can be attached. 7. It is equipped with a unique label, and uses international standard colors to distinguish the load tonnage, even if the sling is worn, it is easy to identify. 8. Light and soft, easy to use in small spaces. 9. Non-conductive, no danger of electric shock. 10. Comply with European standard EN1492-2: 2000 and Chinese industry standard JB/T8521-2007. ModelMinimum breaking loadRated loadVertical craneKnot hanging45 degree hanging90 degree hanging (Kg)(Kg)P=1(Kg)P=0.8(Kg)P=1.8(Kg)P=1.4(Kg) EA-0160001000100080018001400 EA-021200020002000160036002800 EA-031800030003000240054004200 EA-042400040004000320072005600 EA-053000050005000400099007000 EA-0636000600060004800108008400 EA-0748000800080006400144001120 EA-0860000100001000080001800014000 EA-1272000120001200096002160016800 EA-201200002000020000160003600028000 EA-301800003000030000240005400042000Lifting Slings Made in China website:http://www.jcs-hoisting.com/lifting-slings/