Guangzhou Eyda Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company devoted to R&D, design, production, distribution, installation of storage equipment. We are driven to deliver the best solutions to improve the storage capability and overall productivity of your warehouse or distribution center. Backing with a 21 years experience professional team and factory, we are now seeking the expansion opportunity oversea. Our factory is equipped with high & new technology machine. We are proud that we have the Automatic continuous rolling & punching Equipment, Automatic Beam-welding robot, Germany SPARY machine with GEMA powder coating system. A GEMA coating equipment transfer powders accurately and continuously so a constant and high-quality surface coating will be achieved. Advanced equipment give us a high efficiency on production and quality management. Main Production Equipment: 鈥?Automatic Heavy Duty Versatile Post Rolling Production Line 鈥?Automatic Heavy Duty Veratile Beam Rolling Production Line 鈥?Automatic Bracing Rolling Production Line 鈥?Pallet Shuttle Running Track, mezzanine floor/J Style Beam Automatic Rolling Production Line 鈥?Blending Machine 鈥?20/40/63/100/125/160 Ton Punching Machine 鈥?High Speed/Common Cutting machine/Drilling Machine 3/9/8 鈥?Automatic Welded machine 鈥?Germany Imported Powder Caoting Machine 鈥?Chemical liquid process pool use to remove dust and rust before Powder Coading Eyda's main products are included pallet rack, shelving rack, mezzanine rack, ASRS , Pallet Shuttle, carton flow rack, pallet flow rack, light duty boltless rack, Drive-in / Drive-Thru rack, shuttle rack, steel Platform, cantilever rack, etc. Eyda believe if we are faithful to customer, the customer will reward us more. We will continuously create safe and cost effeictive racking systems for our customer. The integrity tradition will go on with our continuous improvement, endless innovation. We hope to earn your trust and add your name to our list of satisfied clients.China Factory Racking System website: