Silicone Dust Mask Full Face Military Gas Mask quantityprice 鈮?$24.9 鈮?00$23.9 鈮?000$21.9 鈮?0000$19.9 Professional filter occupational antivirus. A reassuring gas mask brings not only family happiness but also confidence in work. 3T professional military gas mask guarantees your health. Technical Parameter High performance and low price. Face fit, soft and comfortable, gentle and non-irritating, green and environmentally friendly. Strong filtration + low breathing resistance, can be used for 200 hours under normal circumstances. Parametereye protection goggles Product number锛?/p>3T-G5 Brand:3T GROUP Product Name:Self-suction filter gas mask (full-scale) Material:Silicone + poison box Protection objects:Dust, organic gas, toxic gas benzene and its homologues, gasoline, acetone, carbon disulfide, ether, etc. Scope of application:Used for paint mixing, spray painting, industrial chemicals, factories, coal mine dust prevention, industrial smoke prevention Product Properties 1. Double-sided filter box design, small breathing resistance, no contaminated gas will enter the body due to secondary breathing. 2. The lower design of the breathing valve can effectively reduce the accumulation of hot gas and breathe more smoothly. 3. Trapezoidal filter box design, combined with electrostatic filter cotton, effectively reduces the adsorption resistance. 4. The nose wings are made of thermoplastic elastomer, which is soft and comfortable, and has good sealing effect. 5. The full set of mask is about 268g, which is light and easy to carry, and will not make the nose bridge feel oppressive. Application Refuse dust and gas. Laboratories, construction sites, coal mines, pesticides, paint spraying, polishing, chemical, fire fighting. The working environment seriously hurts the body. Choose a good gas mask respirator to protect your health. Packing,Storage,Handling and Transportation Packaging锛欼ndependent packaging is ready to use. Simple, single-chip independent packaging, easy to carry, clean and hygienic. DHL/FEDEX/UPS/Special line;Handover in domestic;designed forwarder Precautions Best Silicone Dust Mask Fall Face Military Gas Mask 1. The validity period is 5 years. The main body of the mask and the filter cover can be washed and air-dried and can be reused. 2. It is recommended to use filter cotton for 1-3 weeks. The filter cotton is not washable, the breathing resistance is significantly increased or dirty, and it needs to be replaced if it is damaged. 3. It is recommended to use the filter cartridge for 200 hours. We recommend that you establish a replacement schedule to regularly replace the filter box. After wearing it correctly, you should not smell the harmful substances. Wulin is suitable. When you have smelled the harmful substances, it may indicate that the filter cartridge has been absorbed and saturated. Please immediately leave the work area and go to a safe place to replace the filter cartridge.China Face Mask website: