What is a common power graphite electrode The current density of the graphite electrode used in the high power and ultra-high power electric furnaces increases obviously, resulting in the following problems: (1) the temperature of the electrode increases due to the hot resistance and hot air flow, which increases the thermal expansion of the electrode and the joint, and the oxidation consumption of the electrode also increases R (2) the temperature difference between the center of the electrode and the outer circle of the electrode increases, and the thermal stress caused by the temperature difference also increases accordingly, The electrode is easy to produce cracks and surface peeling; (3) the increase of furnace power leads to the increase of electromagnetic force, which causes violent vibration and the increase of the probability of electrode breaking. Therefore, the physical and chemical properties of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrode must be better than that of ordinary power graphite electrode, For example, low resistivity, high density, high mechanical strength, small coefficient of linear expansion, excellent oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance can meet the requirements of high power and ultra-high power electric furnaces.600mm Graphite Electrode factory website:http://www.hb-carbon.com/600mm-graphite-electrode/