Key Word: Molecular Formula: LiF Molecular Weight: 25.94 CAS No.: 7789-24-4 Applications: Lithium battery material, apply in pottery industry and welding rod production. It is used to manufacture spectrometer and prism of X-radial single color apparatus, and carrier of multiplication reaction. Specifications: GradeSpecification(%) LiFFeKNaCaMgSiCuSO42-Cl- 鈮?/p>鈮?/p> HN-LiF-099.9952552155105 HN-LiF-199.9530303030302065050 HN-LiF-299.0050-5010050100-200- Packing: in 25kgs-400kgs jumbo bags, or according to customer鈥檚 requirements.Lithium Chemicals manufacturers website: