4 ways universal power socket ac outlet strip Model: 801-4 4 universal sockets + 1 power switch Copper pin+ ABS Voltage /Current Rating: AC 250v 10A Color: Black Temperature-40锝?0鈩?/p> Ratedload AC 250V 10A Contact Resistance鈮?.03惟 Insulation Resistance鈮?00M惟 Withstand VoltageAC 2000V(50Hz)min Insertion and Estraction Force10-50N Life 10000 A power strip (also known as an extension block, power board, power bar, plug board, trailing gang, trailing socket, plug bar, trailer lead, multi-socket, multiple socket, multiple outlet, polysocket and by many other variations) is a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable (typically with a mains plug on the other end), allowing multiple electrical devices to be powered from a single electrical socket. Power strips are often used when many electrical devices are in proximity, such as for audio, video, computer systems, appliances, power tools, and lighting. Power strips often include a circuit breaker to interrupt the electric current in case of an overload or a short The power strip has four connection panels with red indicator lights and no extension cords. The interface that connects the strips is the IEC-C14 male socket, which can be freely matched with the extension cord. The shell Material is friendly ABS. The conductive chip is brass. The specificate of power strip is 10A250V. The switch can control the power of the entire plug. It can be applied to a variety of life appliances (Please don鈥檛 exceeding the rated specifications of the plug 2500W). Other relate product Latest NEWS Every week, new products are on the shelves, and everyone is welcome to follow. The latest product catalog can be contacted by our manual service.Discount Socket Outlet website:http://www.bxadapter.com/socket/socket-outlet/