The flexible combined crane is mainly composed of rail, chain electric hoist and its standard installation components. From simple devices that directly connect two projects with only a few meters of straight rail to complex suspended monorail systems, from simple manual control to automation systems with integrated computer control. Flexible combined crane equipment is easier to adapt to new material handling requirements. The flexible combination crane only needs to rearrange the existing components or add some new components to realize the reconstruction or expansion of the track system. Mainly used in more precise assembly lines, such as automobile assembly lines. The rated lifting capacity is 0.1 ~ 5t. FAQ Q: Coould you tell me the payment term of your company can accept? A: T/T. Western Union, PayPal. Q: Can the cranes be customized? A: Yes, every customer鈥檚 working condition is different, all of our products can be customized depend on customers鈥?requirements. Please give us the information as clear as you can, so we can give our best design to suit for your demands. Q: In order to offer the most suitable design solution for you, it will be great helpful if you can offer us the following information to us: 1. Lifting capacity. 2. Span length.(rail center to rail center) 3. Lifting height.(hook center to ground) 4. Have you installed the rails? Do you need us to supply the rails? How long is it? 5. Power supply: Voltage. 6. Working condition: what kind of material to lift? temperature? 7. It would be much better if it is possible for you to offer the drawing photo of your workshop. Q: How about sample & MOQ policy? A: Welcome sample order. MOQ can be 1 set.Flexible Combined Crane factory website: