Name: Chlorinated Paraffin 42/CP-42 CAS NO: 106232-86-4 Features: Light yellow viscous liquid, soluble in most organic solvents and mineral oils, such as toluene, acetone, ethyl acetate, etc. It鈥檚 insoluble in water and ethanol. Specifications: ItemIndex Color (iodine)3-10 Density (50掳C)g/cm鲁1.13-1.17 Chlorine content (%)40-44 Viscosity (50掳C) m Pa. s鈮?50 Refractive index nD201.500-1.508 Heating loss (%@130掳C, 2h)鈮?.3 Thermal stability index (175掳C, 4 hours, nigrogen10L/h) HCl %鈮?.2 Thermal decomposition temperature (潞C)鈮?50 Application: The product is mainly used in PVC products as plasticizer and flame retardant. Used as additive for rubber, paint and cutting oil. Packing: Iron drums: 250kg/drum; IBC drums: 940kg/IBC; Flexi tank: 22 tons per flexi tank; Notes: Color of the product many be darker after long-time storage. FAQ Q1. Are you manufacturer? Yes, we have a factory in Jiaozuo city and our trading department is in Zhengzhou city. Q2. What are your terms of payment? T/T 30% deposit, 70% before delivery goods. L/C, Western Union Q3. What are your terms of delivery? FOB CFR and CIF. Q4. How about your delivery time? Usually, it will take 7 to 15 days after receiving your advance payment. Q5. Which degree of chlorinated paraffin we you produced? We can produce different degrees of the CPW as customers' requirement, such as CPW 52/42/70/45, just according your requirement to adjust the chlorine content. Contact Us: HSH Chemical Qinyang Haishihong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. Add: North Industrial Park, Qinyang District, Jiaozuo city, Henan Province, China. Tel: 86-0371-88811578 Fax: 0371-88811578 Skype: +86 13140019023Chlorinated Paraffin 42 Free Sample website: