1.Product introduction The pocket PC of A380 version, a new generation of PDA, developed flexibly and used conveniently with strong functions and lately updated in such functions as USB and RF communications, is applicable to collect and calculate the data in all kinds of working fields with strong fluidity, for instance, read meters and charge in electric, water and gas supply businesses, collect and analyze field data in geologic departments and inventory in large-size warehouses etc. covering the application fields such as energy, geologic, petroleum, commercial, meteorological, military and instrument areas and more. 2. Technical Specification 1).Maximum Transmission Power: 鈮?20dBm 2).Capacity of meter management: 2000 pcs(LoRa) 3).Distance to communicate with Meters: more than 1.2km(LoRa) 4).Distance to communication with Concentrators: more than 1.2km(LoRa) 5).Real-time communication 6).Use for meter reading, valve control and parameters setting. 7).To enable or disable Meter Functional Status of: to close valve if magnetic detected; to avoid of 8.Anti-rust; to activate prepayment function; to detect if removed from pipes. 8).Use for signal intensity of installation environment. 9).Exchange data between computer and Handheld by USB cable.Wireless Automatically Meter Reading Equipment(AMR) suppliers website:http://www.sangrei.net/wireless-automatically-meter-reading-equipment-amr/