Mini ESC base on VESC 4.12 is the the most budget-affordable brushless ESC base on VESC2.0 and with high quality assurance. Product Information Item nameMini ESC base on VESC 4.12 HardwareV4.20 FirmwareLatest Version Instantaneous current50A continuous / 150A peak Voltage8V-60V Cells3-13S LiPo BEC typeInternal driver support FrequencyPWM input ReverseYes TimingSoftware calibration PCB dimension39x46x17.4mm Product dimension67x39x18.3mm(Include Heatsink) Product weight76g Product Diagram Product Details 1. The Electronic Speed Controller adds anti-vibration silicon pad to screw the heat sink with PCBA to prevent the screw lost during long-time vibration. 2. The ESC 50A based on VESC adds anti-vibration silicon pad to screw the heat sink with better heat dissipation. 3. The mini VESC adds silicon gel to fix the capacitors, no worry any loos during long-time vibration. Mini Size ESC 4.20 VS Standard ESC 4.12 1. ESC 4.20 change to use 3pcs 220uf 100V MLCC, life test can reach5000HS, while marketing such MLCC life is about 3000H. 2. ESC 4.20 change to use 6pcs authentic Power MOSFET(MODEL NO: NTMFS5C628NL), imported from USA. 3. ESC 4.20 change to use Micro USB port 4. ESC 4.20 add fins shape heat sink, enough inner space for better heat dissipation. 5. ESC 4.20 is with smaller size for wider application. Company Info We mainly focus on the design and production of land power systems and water power systems. Our products cover electronic speed controller(electric speed controller), dc motor, remote controller, etc. Shipment Details The parcel contains: 1*Brushless Motor Controller Mini ECS4.20 + 1* Micro USB + 1* VESC Sensor Wire + 1* Manual Lead time: 3-7 days for sample order, 5-20 days for bulk orderBuy ESC 50A website: