Basic product parameters Model SWSK250A SWSK320A SWSK400A XY axis servo drive stroke (mm)320x250400x320550x400 Working table size (mm)500x400580x500780x600 Machine tool profile (mm)1730x1650x19001900x1750x19002200x1860x2200 Machining taper U, V axis servo drive卤10/60mm卤10/60mm卤10/60mm Maximum load weight (kg)250350500 Machine tool weight (kg)150017002200 Z axis servo drive stroke260260360 Maximum cutting thickness (mm)260260360 Machining precision (mm)(according to GB7926-2005 standard, 卤 0.003/Crl2 material, 10mm square or circle, H: 20mm) Machined surface roughness (渭m)CrlZ Ra 鈮?0.8. up to 0.6 U/V servo drive stroke (mm)鈮?卤25/卤25, 60x60mm Electrode wire (Aluminum wire) diameter (mm)0.13-0.18 Wire walking speed (m/s)Frequency conversion speed is the fastest 600 X. Y, U, V, Z five axis wire rod and guide railUsing Taiwan silver linear guide and wire rod Reversing way of reciprocating wireThe old type induction switch control is cancelled, and the precise positioning is realized by the direct control of the encoder. Tightening wire: servomotor wireAutomatic wire tightener for servo motor Machine tool lubrication systemAutomatic refueling Water based working fluid circulation system60-80 liters of imported multi-layer filter high pressure water tank Servo motor driveThe X, Y, U, V, and Z axes are driven by a Panasonic servo motor or a hybrid motor drive Electronic hand pulseX, Y U, V Z five axis electronic hand wheel pulse control Frequency converterImported inverter Control (node of wire transponatw and water pumpDirect encoder control Power consumption of machine tools380V.2KW Processing speed (mm虏/min): cutting a knifeUp to 160 -200mm虏/min Processing speed (mm虏/min): cut one repair oneUp to 100 -120mm虏/min Processing speed (mm虏/min): cut and repair twoUp to 80 - 100mm虏/min An electrical control system with the function of softwareThe hardware system of powerful control system compatible with the mainstream market without the need for additional servo card and card factory standard computer graphics automatic programming software windowsXPcad software on the X. Y, U, V axis pitch compensation and backlash compensation, solves the problem of low precision large taper; precision cutting on special. It can also display the coordinates of the X, Y, and U.V4 axis in real time. 5 axis CNC with advanced repair knife, cutting a three seven repair repair; high degree of finish. More advanced PCI interface, high compatibility, four axis linkage machining, up and down shape锛宮aking taper machining faster and easier. Machinable straight line, arc non circular curve, gap compensation, backwash, zoom, rotation, symmetry, automatic search center. The system has the functions of power failure protection, wire breaking and closing, closing and closing the machine. Main performance indicatorsX, Y, U, V, Z 5 axis CNC WEDM machine main structure and casting process with high ngidity HT300 resin sand casting, high rigidity, small vibration. The maximum cutting efficiency is greater than 200mm虏/min, the best surface roughness less than Ra 鈮?0.8, X, Y, U, V Z Bank of Taiwan on the five axis adopt linear guide rail and high precision double nut ball screw, high precision cutting is less than 0.003mm, cutting 100 thousand mm虏 molybdenum wire loss less than 0.005mm continuous, the whole machine adopts Japanese. NSK bearings, high precision, long service life. All the electronic components are brand in Germany, Switzerland. Japan and so on. The old type of induction switch control is cancelled, and the precise positioning is realized by the direct control of the encoder. The software can compensate the pitch and reverse clearance for X, Y U and V axisf and solve the problem of low precision of large taper and can display the coordinates of X, Y and U.V4 axis motion in real time. Using the servo wire walking type automatic wire tension structure, with different processing state automatically adjust the wire tension force. FAQ Q: Could you print the logo or company name on the products or package? A: Yes. Customer's logo or company name can be printed on products or package, we will do what you want. Q: What payment terms do you accept? A: We are flexible on payment terms, please contact us for details! Q: Could I visit your factory ? A: Yes.Welcome to our factory. Q: How to solve the failure problems after-sales? A: Please send us photos or video of the problems. After we confirm the problems, we will provide corresponding solution. Packing and shipping Reinforced wooden packing to effectively protect the machine from external damage to ensure that customers receive the machine in good condition Introduction Although the processing quality of "medium wire" WEDM is significantly improved than that of fast wire EDM, it still belongs to the category of high-speed wire EDM, and its cutting accuracy and finish still exist with low-speed wire EDM. There is a big gap, and the retention of precision and finish needs to be further improved. The "medium wire machine" has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost and low consumption, so it also has its living space, and the implementation standard is still the relevant standard of high-speed wire machineCNC Brass Wire Cut EDM suppliers website: